Welcome to Pisgah Runners, home of the Chief Wetona Challenge!

Please use this link to register for the 2018 CWC.  A mail in form can be found hereThere will be NO DAY OF REGISTRATION this year, please register online by May 17th or via snail mail by May 13th.

Race details: Race Day – May 20, 2018.  The 14 miler will start at 9:30 am and the 7 miler will start at 10:30 am. Starting area is near the Poolside Pavilion at Mt. Pisgah State Park.

We’re working with some other cool RDs to bring you some exciting new Points Series avenues to frolic in!

All registrants will receive a blanket  at packet pick up.  All families are invited to eat again this year at no charge. Come out, support your family and friends, and enjoy the day – and pancakes and bacon!

Proceeds from the race will again be donated to the local school’s Backpack Programs. These programs are designed to be kid friendly meals for a student to prepare when food may not normally be available for them.  2017’s race meant a $3200 donation! <3

Mt. Pisgah State Park is located at 28 Entrance Road, Troy Pa.

In the meantime, check out the Facebook page, which is where current conversations, plans for fun runs, course previews, etc happen!


What a beautiful evening it was to spend an hour running on the snow covered trails of Mt. Pisgah. There was no other shoe prints anywhere to be found besides mine:) The view from the chief was amazing as the sun was going down! ...

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A rockin' new points series in Central PA ... check out that sweet logo...and some awesome races, including CWC's long course! <3 ...

Starting in 2018, the central PA trail running scene will take on a brand new look! 15 different races will team up…breaking away from the old Trophy Series to form the new Rocksylvania Trail Series. The series will expand to 15 local races broken down into three divisions based on race distance. Division 1 – 10K Division 2 – Half Marathon Division 3 – 25k This will give runners the option of concentrating on distances that are more to their liking. Stay tuned! More details to come concerning prizes and awards for the series. Below is a complete list of races. Good luck with your training! Falcon Race Timing will be keep track of all points throughout the series. 10K Races Night Flite 10K – April Smith’s Knob Scramble 12K – June Sproul 10K – July Rothrock 10K – August Dandelion Run 10K – September Half Marathon Races Greenwood Furnace Trail Challenge – May Chief Wetona Challenges – May Hyner Half – August Dam Half – September Raven Trail Half Marathon – October 25k Races Hyner 25K – April Rothrock 25K – June Cooks Forest 25K – June Eagleton Mine Camp 25K – September Call of the Wilds 25K – October

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Anyone have any race reports or photos/videos they are willing to share? I've updated the webpage (pisgahrunners.com) and have what Brian Kunkle and Harley Pigue have posted...always looking for more and for what google doesn't index 😀 ...

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